TREKU is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its most international product, the Aura system. Gorka Aldabaldetreku, company co-director and the founder’s grandson, remembers the history of this innovative product that has resonated with the tastes of design lovers in more than 50 countries.

Aura emerged at a strange time, not only for the furniture sector, but for the world in general. In 2011, a global financial crisis that would last several years began, and uncertainty was the norm for people and companies alike. TREKU was not immune to those circumstances. “We needed to create something different. It wasn’t enough to present just another collection that matched what was already on the market. We had to take more of a risk,” explains Gorka Aldabaldetreku.

TREKU contacted designers Angel Martí and Enrique Delamo for them to give substance to the idea the company had in mind: a modern modular system that could work in such a turbulent, complex time, and that could, at the same time, penetrate more foreign markets.

“The fact that it was aimed at an international market brought with it some very specific conditions, such as making the collection easy to configure.” What did they develop? A piece of furniture whose light feet create the appearance that it is suspended, hypernatural finishes combined with a very judicious selection of colours…

After a year of briefings, meetings and prototypes, Aura became a reality.

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