B.LUX was founded in 1980 in Vizcaya under the name of Belux. In 1987 the collaboration with the designer Jorge Pensi was born. This alliance is what drived the company internationally with the appearance of the first polished aluminum luminaires on the market: Regina and Olympia. This moment is crucial since a very specific type of product is marked. 
For over 30 years, B.LUX has collaborated with both prestigious designers and young talent to create innovative, contemporary lighting solutions for homes, gardens, and public outdoor settings. Honoring commitments to sustainable lighting and to improving the human condition, B.LUX offers beautiful and energy efficient modern lighting, all made with responsibly sourced materials.

Speers Arm W by David Abad 

Aspen Sh by Werner Asslinger

Misko Sh by Stone Designs

Thinking always about the clients’ needs.

They entrust the design of the collections to the best creative professionals, generating synergies that result in timeless, functional and emotionally charged luminaires that allow them to connect with people through the light they generate. They develop special made-to-measure projects, without limits and always seeking to solve any challenge that comes the way.
One of the priorities at B.LUX is to make your job easier. With this objective in mind, they have developed an online configurator for lighting systems that allows users to design the lighting according to their interests, helping them to understand the chosen system and facilitating the definition of the necessary components for each installation. In short, another step further to solve your needs and offer you valuable services.
We visited the headquarters of B.LUX in Vizcaya (Spain) where they work from an enclave located in the heart of nature, combining innovation and tradition with an offer that fuses technology with the best artwork.
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