Crafting contrasts by IRATZOKI & LIZASO


The journey of TREKU’s Kutxa Collection began with a prolonged and collaborative design process. Through a fluid and open dialogue the concept evolved, refining the initial vision into the sculptural elegance of the Kutxa Collection. Each piece within this collection goes beyond mere functionality; it contributes to the creation of tranquil and aesthetically pleasing spaces, representing a harmonious blend of form and function.



The genesis of this collection can be traced back to an unexpected sketch, depicting a suspended box within a simple architectural structure. This sketch  encapsulates the essence of the collection – a delicate play of contrasts between the robustness of wood and the delicacy of metal. As the product matured, intricate details, including leather handles on drawers, were incorporated, adding warmth and user-friendliness

Each piece, diverse in type yet complementary in motif, offers a unique personality within a visual framework. The Kutxa Collection stands not only as a play of contrasts but as a testament to the enduring power of intuition in the dynamic process of furniture creation.





KOL CHAIR: A Journey of Proportions and Elegance

The process of devising the Kol Chair unveils the intricate nature of simpler designs, requiring a profound reliance on knowledge and experience. The quest for proportions that maintain the elegance of the initial drawing turned this into a complex process, spanning almost three years from conception to market release. The Kol Chair responds to customer demands for a collection that harmonizes with various TREKU tables, constructing a distinctive and cohesive TREKU universe.



Adapting to the New Normal: LUMA DESK and SENDO TABLE

The pandemic reshaped our living spaces into offices and schools, leading to an unforeseen surge in the demand for home office furniture. TREKU responded by creating the Luma Desk and the Sendo table. The Kutxa Desk, designed by Iratzoki & Lizaso, offers a unique rotating shelving unit, creating a standalone office. In contrast, the Luma Desk caters to the functional needs of small houses or apartments, providing an ideal space for sorting through end-of-day emails.

The Sendo Table embodies a delicate balance of lightness and robustness, designed to withstand vigorous testing of stability. This extending dining table prioritizes user experience, ensuring that no one ends up with a table leg between their knees. TREKU’s commitment to designing furniture that evokes love and appreciation is evident, emphasizing the importance of details that make a product unique and cherished.



ZIN SHELVES: Exploring modular aesthetics

Finally, the Zin Collection fulfills the vision of complementing spaces with light, functional, and simple elements, featuring a small metal shelving system with TREKU’s signature wooden detail on the front.





HIRU Coffee Table and LEKU Lounge: Versatility and Comfort Redefined

The creation of the Hiru Coffee Table was inspired by a personal need for a small, unobtrusive side table. This exemplifies TREKU’s approach to design – addressing real-life scenarios with elegant solutions.



Meanwhile, the Leku Armchair showcases versatility, seamlessly transitioning from home to the contract sector. TREKU’s concept of ‘home-ifying’ hotels reflects the adaptability of their designs to communal spaces, modern offices, and beyond. The evolution of the Leku Armchair, initially part of the Bisell family, demonstrates TREKU’s commitment to refining designs based on evolving character and comfort needs.



GOI Coat Rack: Adding Playfulness to TREKU Environments

The GOI Coat Rack serves as seasoning for the Treku environment, introducing an element of fun and playfulness. This design not only aligns with the brand’s distinctive lacquers and woods but also addresses the practical needs of contemporary living. As homes shrink in size, providing practical solutions for storage becomes essential, and the GOI Coat Rack elegantly meets this need, offering both functionality and a lighthearted aesthetic.

These are the novelties TREKU showed during this year. In the world of TREKU, furniture is more than transient fashion; it is discreet, calm, and crafted with longevity in mind. The emphasis on coherence, timeless shapes, and the use of few materials reinforces the commitment to sustainable and enduring design.
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